DotMoth studio

is a BIRMINGHAM design company founded by Annie and Angela. 

We design and produce a range of gifts and souvenirs inspired by the city, including the original Birmingham Facts tea towel. 

For the Brummie at home or afar -  a selection of Birmingham inspired gifts keeps us in touch.

We provide First Class Postage on Orders

Peaky Blinders tea towel - the facts, fashion and sounds

B for Birmingham & Music in Birmingham

Music in Birmingham Tea Towel

Read about the music from the Midlands and reminisce about those long-gone clubs

B for Birmingham Tea Towel

Cities beginning with B...

Birmingham - the second largest city in England

Balti - the second largest city in Moldova

Made in Hockley - The Birmingham enviro -cup

It all began with Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis:

“The single most important thing was being able to source British stainless steel for festival cups from the place where it was invented – Sheffield, and then to take it on to the home of manufacture – Birmingham."

The answer - The enviro - cup.

Birmingham - The City of a Thousand Trades
The Tea Towel & The Poster

Birmingham With Love Coaster 
£3.00 each  £10 for 4

Birmingham Icons tea towel (and poster and pencil pot)

Birmingham icons, the images that remind us of Birmingham. 

Printed on 100% white cotton.


Also available as a print and pencil pot.

Pencil pot, plant pot, toothbrush holder, bread stick pot or a handle-less mug,  a great gift or souvenir.


Birmingham Icons Poster


Black with colour icons 
White with black icons 
White with colour icons

Printed in Birmingham on 350g matte card

20 iconic images of Birmingham